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ATL PBA is Atlanta’s community supported PBS station, which provides a variety of entertaining programs such as Midsomer Murders and Victoria, in-depth news analysis such as PBS Newshour and Frontline, and educational PBS Kids programming. ATL PBA also has a number of locally-produced programs and hosts community events, forums and speaking engagements that take connecting Atlanta beyond air-time in partnership with its sibling-station WABE.






• Web Design
• Strategy


One of the main projects for ATL PBA was the redesigning of its website. The original site was not representative of what an ideal television website should look like. It was a mishmash of articles, along with clips of the latest PBS and local programming in addition to some pledge promotions cobbled together on one platform. The navigation and sitemap were also in need of attention as there were a never ending list of shows grouped under a single menu item in the navigation, or unnecessary items that had no place in a navigation.

Apart from redesigning the site, TV pledge graphics also got their own update giving them a better look and feel thereby incentivizing audiences to donate and invest in their local PBS station.


The entire ATL PBA website was overhauled to make it more dynamic and host more video content representative of a television website. The previous website was lacking definition of different video content sections, various classifications of content, a proper visualization of a schedule, no clear children’s section and educational content, and a separate page on how to sign up for ATL PBA Passport which is PBS’ on-demand streaming service.

Since pledge graphics production were eventually moved in-house, the look and feel were updated to give way for more contemporary and clean visuals.

Style Tile

The style tile reflects the color scheme and iconography of the website. It also serves to show the typography used across the site.



The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Pledge Graphics

Pledge graphics are promotions for concerts or events priced in certain packages for different levels of donation for the station. They are sized at HD specs and air during specific periods of the year for certain hours of the day.

Below are a few examples of TV pledge graphics for different concerts. The graphics range from full screen promotions for the event, to descriptions of premiums donors can purchase at the minimum level of donation, or the break down of donation levels one can opt for.