An icon in the shapewear industry.

This well-known shapewear company manufactures a variety of undergarments from girdles and tights, to bras and underwear, and even jeans and leggings. Spanx is a brand that makes undergarments and clothes fun and trendy, but effective and useful at the same time.






• Web Design
• Layout Design
• Marketing


One of the primary projects I worked on was the designing of the new Spanx website, which was launched after the company moved to its new headquarters in Atlanta. Most of the other work dealt with designing promotional emails, homepage elements, web banners, and B2B marketing material.


#SpanxStyle was a shoppable social media feed, where a user could browse through images uploaded by other users and Spanx would list out links to the products featured in the images. Additionally, there were social media links that would click out to the Spanx pages on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Promotional Emails