Where creativity meets confectionery

Mrs. Magpie is a café which makes custom order cakes and cupcakes in a variety of shapes and sizes. This café serves up an assortment of food and confectionery ranging from sandwiches and scones to sliders and special meals.




• Brand Identity
• Packaging
• Web Design


The current brand identity for Mrs. Magpie seems like a color palette based on every candy color imaginable. It also comprises of the generic chocolate and strawberry colors, nothing to make it stand apart from other confectioneries. The aim was to make it a fun but unique brand, easily recognizable, and one that stands apart from the crowd.


To make it a unique identity, the aim was to rethink the candy colors in a more sophisticated and clever way. The overall color scheme uses three colors, but are interchanged to make one primary and the others complementary. The letter M in the word Mrs. got a minimal and fun twist, and even works well on its own as a representation of the brand.